Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

Jeff VanderMeer
Kelly Sue DeConnick
Chelsea Wolfe
Anthony T. Kronman

Jared Levy
Clíodhna Walsh
Joseph Johnston

James Ehlers
Sarah Hall
Nat Very B.
Constantine Gedal
Laura New
Agoreyo Oke
Konan Lim
Jessica Burke

Patrick Roesle
Joshua King
Stephanie Harper

Jen Cross
Pam Munter
Arlene Schulman

Robyn Maree Pickens
Todd Fuller
John Sibley Williams
Dana Sonnenschein
T. H. Carter
Jeanette Beebe
Bridget Menasche
torrin a. greathouse
John Paul Davis
Jude Ellison

Kelly Sue DeConnick has been working in the comics industry for over a decade, beginning her career translating Japanese manga and writing for Warren Ellis', where she wrote catalog entries for comic-book issues. DeConnick, considered the "future of women in comics," is the author and creator of Image's Bitch PlanetShe's also written for DC, Dark Horse, and Marvel, where she helmed the revival of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. 

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Konan Lim

Konan Lim's style has been formulated through whimsical happy thoughts into a realistic interpretation. The characters are stuck in childhood nostalgia, blended with classical surface on present pace. Cuteness overload with touches of colorful and playful surprises, mixed with a dark suspicious atmosphere.