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Don Share is the editor of Poetry Magazine and co-host of the magazine's podcast. He was once the Curator of the Poetry Room at Harvard University, where he also taught and served as Poetry Editor of the Harvard Review. He is the author of Wishbone (2012),Squandermania (2007), and Union (2002). In 2016, his critical edition of Basil Bunting's poems was released by Faber & Faber. His translation work includes Field Guide: Poems by Dario Jaramillo Agudelo (2012), Miguel Hernández (2013), and I Have Lots of Heart: Selected Poems by Miguel Hernández (1998), which won Share the Times Literary Supplement Translation Prize and Premio Valle Inclán Prize for Translation from the UK Society of Authors.

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Elżbieta Łabowska is an artist from Poland.These drawings represent the "Checkmate" series based on the Szach i mat! movie directed by Andrzej Zakrzewski.