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anya rosen

evidence of a raccoon part ii

evidence of a raccoon part iii

evidence of a raccoon part iv

("Evidence of a Raccoon" explores the intimate and uncomfortable moments between life and bodily decomposition. The paintings examine form and abstraction through figurative representation, and regard the absurdity of permanence in the natural world.)

Anya Rosen's work has developed through her experience working in agriculture and living in rural America. Inspired by evolving topography, technological innovation, and the history of regional cultures, her practice focuses on relationships between humans and nature.

Anya graduated with a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in 2011 and has since worked on several farms across the U.S. She has exhibited work at Nes Artist Residency in Iceland and Residencia Intermundos in Colombia, and will be in the 2017 Cementa Festival in Kandos, NSW, Australia. She is currently an assistant manager of vegetable production on a farm in Virginia. More of her work can be viewed at