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Steve Sibra's "The Turtle is Not a Metaphor," a Chapbook

This summer, Steve Sibra (TMR: Summer 2016) had his chapbook, “The Turtle Is Not a Metaphor," published by Everett, WA-based Three Frogs Swimming Publications.

While in Montana, Sibra promoted his chapbook at an hour-long reading at the Craig Edwards Gallery in Big Sandy, MT. The Big Sandy Mountaineer wrote about the event:

"Steve Sibra has been a writer most of his life. His favorite genre is the short story but he excels in poetry as well.

For a long time he was driven to sell everything he wrote, then he purposefully did not sell much of what he wrote. Today it is a balance and how he got back into it is very interesting. Six years ago Sibra was in a Seattle coffee shop and someone mentioned blueberry muffins. Sibra told the owner he could write a story about blueberry muffins. He went home and wrote about a contrary horse named Blueberry Muffin, took it back to the coffee shop, showed it to the owner and that is how he got back into the writing business.

Sibra has learned that the more he writes the better his writing becomes."

Steve Sibra will be a featured fiction reader for the Seattle Fiction Federation’s Hugo House reading event on December 13th. You can find more information and at the Hugo House website. If you live in or around Seattle and are interested in attending, here are directions.

To get a copy of “The Turtle Is Not a Metaphor,” you can contact Steve via his Facebook page, which is also where you can keep up with his recent publications and events.

Read his contribution to TMR’s Summer 2016 issue, “Chicken Stockings."