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Joseph Spece, Fathom Books Wants Your #NeverTrump Work

Joseph Spece (TMR: Summer 2016) may be most well-known for his poetry, having won a Ruth Lilly fellowship in 2009 and a MacDowell Colony Fellowship. In addition to his own creative endeavors, Joseph promotes those of others; in 2011 he founded the SHARKPACK Poetry Review “as a ‘space for pithy, incisive reviews of contemporary poems and poetry of the living past—poems as stand-alone art objects, extant outside the context of books and anthologies.’” In 2014, The SPR Annual arrived. 

Earlier this year, Fathom Books, Spece’s small press, hit the scene. The goal of Fathom “is to publish experimental, off-the-grid, substantively avant-garde, estranging books of poetry and prose . . . writing you cannot simply read and flip past; writing that looks and feels foreign, somehow, on the page; writing that reclaims words from the purely (disappearingly) communicative.”

The current offerings from Fathom’s first year of publishing include Laura Goode's Become a Name, Stephanie Adams-Santos' Swarm Queen's Crown, and Owen Vince’s The Adrift of Samus Aran, the latter having been made possible by Fathom’s April Kickstarter, which you can look at here. All three books are cloth, hand-bound, made with recycled or sustainably-sourced paper, and use vegan inks. Support the future of Fathom by purchasing Become a Name here, Swarm Queen’s Crown here, and The Adrift of Samus Aran here.

For 2017, Fathom is “currently committed to two titles, and hope[s] to find two more.” Guidelines for manuscript submissions will follow in the spring. 

Fathom is currently accepting submissions for SHARKPACK ANNUAL 2017. “The issue is unthemed, but calls specifically for longer works: poems must be at least 50 lines long, short fiction between 1,000 – 2,000 words. Art sequences should contain at least five (5) pieces. Submission is free, with paid options for expedited response. Cash honorariums paid; accepted writers may also be selected for an Annual paper anthology to be published by Fathom 2018.”

Fathom also has a special call for PYRAMIDS ROSE OUT OF OUR PAIN: poems + essays of the #NeverTrump Resistance. “The project is born of a commitment to endure creatively, yes, but also of blank and unwavering resistance to the leadership of a climate-denying, bigoted, racist, misogynist, xenophobic, anti-queer billionaire and his lackeys.

This is a call for poetry and essays by people of color, queers of every stripe, women, stringent environmentalists, Muslims, animal rights activists, evolutionary biologists, and immigrants who unapologetically oppose the erstwhile campaign, lifestyle, and potential policies of Donald Trump.” Find complete guidelines for this call here and submit here by December 31st.

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