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Corinne Whitaker: Sculptures at the Marin Society of Artists, and more

Introducing "Curiosity"

Meet "Curiosity," a digitally sculpted robot by Corinne Whitaker, made of frosted translucent polyurethane set into a custom-designed base.

Corinne Whitaker (Fall 2016) is a veteran of the visual arts industry, working in digital painting and sculpture for over 35 years. She continues to expand her reach with several new exhibitions since her feature in The Matador Review.

Her digital painting on brass, "At Leisure," has been featured on the cover of "Digitalia," a digital exhibition at the Barrett Art Center in Poughkeepsie, NY. And in May, "Curiosity" and "My Translucent Self," both digital sculptures in polyurethane, was shown at the Sculpture exhibition held at the Marin Society of Artists in San Rafael, CA.

Regarding the artist, from her website: "Corinne Whitaker, aka the 'Digital Giraffe,' has been a pioneering artist in digital sculpture and painting for 36 years. Beginning with the Apple IIe in 1981, she has developed a signature iconographic style that is unlike any other. In the realm of digital sculpture, she began with 3D models designed to up-end the idea of sculpture as a hard-edged geometric construct and instead to introduce organic curved forms into the medium. From New Delhi to Paris, and London to Santa Fe, New Mexico, her unique creations have stirred imaginations and instigated heated discussions about what sculpture is and how it changes our view of the world."

Whitaker has also begun using Artificial Intelligence to compose music. Each piece of music is accompanied by one of Whitaker's digital images. You can find work from this project here.

       | Visit Corrine's website for information and updates regarding her work.