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Jayme Russell: PINKification, PINKpoems, and permadeath please

Jayme Russell (TMR: Fall 2016) can't be boxed in as any type of creator; a poet, an essayist, an erasure artist, Russell transcends genre and classification to input atypical emotions within her audience.

In Fall 2016, The Matador Review published two pieces from Russell’s manuscript Technicolor Queen, which tells the story of Snow White through fragments of text and collage. Russell’s efforts haven't been solely dedicated to that work, however, as she has two chapbooks coming out this year: PINKification (Dancing Girl Press) this month, and PINKpoems (Adjunct Press) in July. In an interview with Cartridge Lit, Russell discussed the inspiration behind her forthcoming books:

"They are about the Barbie body and its influence on women over time. I started writing about Barbie when the new collection with different body sizes and shapes came out. In all the interviews that I watched, it was clear to me that Mattel only came out with this line of dolls because of consumer demand. It caused problems for the company. Not all of the Barbies fit in the clothes and the cars now. The bodies aren't uniform. Mattel representatives still refuse to acknowledge that the product influences girls and their sense of body image. The new Barbies are an insincere step forward."

Russell is also a co-editor of the new website permadeath please. From their about page:

"We remember all that is buried here. We need to
bring back life. Again and again. We want to
survive the void. We become grave robbers,
snatching bodies to make them dance. We
become mediums scratching at the séance
table, idiots translating/transversing/traversing
unknown passages, toxic radiation seeping through
the burial ground. We chant our spells. We possess
The body. We are the eye that follows."

You can find more of Jayme's recent work at Smoking Glue Gun MagazineLuna Luna Magazine, Fairy Tale Review, and The Diagram. She has an essay in Brevity on why getting an MFA was the right decision for her, and you can read Jayme's recent book reviews here and here.

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