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2017 Best of the Net Nominations


Dear reader:

The following works have been nominated by the editorial board of The Matador Review for the 2017 Best of the Net anthology.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for supporting great literature.

John Lachausse
Editor-in-chief, TMR


"Dead Ends in Writing"
— Edwin Rozic (Fall 2016)

"The Bears Come Calling"
— Lana Elizabeth Gabris (Winter 2017)


"In the Skin of a House Fire"
— Joel F. Brown (Fall 2016)

"Opening Day"
— Katharine English (Fall 2016)


"after this the night still falls"
— Travis Tate (Fall 2016)

"On the Forest Trail"
— M.A. Istvan Jr. (Fall 2016)

"On Reading My Mother's Sorrow Diary"
— Mary O'Donnell (Fall 2016)

"My Father Never Knew How To"
— Matthew Walsh (Fall 2016)

"Way of the Bear"
— Ricky Ray (Winter 2017)

"Martin's Guilt"
— Lauren M. Davis (Spring 2017)