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2019 Best of the Net Nominations


Dear reader:

The following works have been nominated by The Matador Review for the 2019 Best of the Net anthology.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for supporting great literature.

John Lachausse
Editor-in-chief, TMR


"Don't Forget We're All Strangers"
— Anna Windemuth (Winter 2019)

"Having a Nice Summer"
— Ellen Skirvin (Spring 2019)


"Dolly Parton is a Boomerang"
— Sophie Lipitz (Winter 2019)

"Shear History"
— Susan Knox (Spring 2019)


— Jeremy Flick (Summer 2018)

— Faylita Hicks (Summer 2018)

— Heidi Seaborn (Fall 2018)

"Someone said 'Immigranty'"
— Rachelle Cruz (Fall 2018)

"Dog Facts"
— Clayton Krollman (Winter 2019)

"Eating a Persimmon, 1954"
— Olga Livshin (Spring 2019)