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Catching Up with John Christopher Nelson

"It’s been an unusual year for me, and an odd time to be sending an update for the Matador Review blog. As I sit down to write this, I feel like the person who avoids their high school reunion because they're ashamed not to have more to show for themselves (which is exactly why I didn't attend my HS reunion). I wish I had a little more good news to pepper into this, but I guess that's what makes life so interesting: its indifference."

So many aspects of my life seemed to be getting better in 2016. In terms of publications, that was my peak so far. I went from one in 2014, to one in 2015, to six in 2016. Which, that kind of exponential growth sort of set me up for failure, because I was thinking to myself, "Right on, I got this. I arrived."

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A Residency and a Prize for Artist Aleksandra Kalisz

2017 has been quite generous to Aleksandra Kalisz (FA16).

Kalisz was selected for the Dar Slimane artist residency in Morocco, which seeks “artists that find pleasure engaging in a holistic inspired approach with a respect for nature, animals and sustainable living.” After arriving in Marrakesh for the residency, Kalisz wrote on her Facebook page that she “will be working... on new pieces and [is] already feeling inspired.” She will be in Marrakesh for the next month.

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Jayme Russell: PINKification, PINKpoems, and permadeath please

Jayme Russell (TMRFall 2016) can’t be boxed in as any type of creator; a poet, an essayist, an erasure artist, Russell transcends genre and classification to input atypical emotions within her audience.

In Fall 2016, The Matador Review published two pieces from Russell’s manuscript Technicolor Queen, which tells the story of Snow White through fragments of text and collage. Russell’s efforts haven’t been solely dedicated to that work, however, as she has two chapbooks coming out this year:PINKification (Dancing Girl Press) this month, and PINKpoems (Adjunct Press) in July.

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