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(Born out of what could be termed a poetic resistance to over-consumption, the artist chooses components for his sculptures that have an industrial past. +Brauer's art form is called upcycling, a remarkable concept that allows materials to be saved, reused, and reclaimed. It also offers machines a second life after their primary uses have expired. +Brauer's luminous sculptures invite the curious into remarkable and surprising artistic worlds of what was and what could be. Even though something is no longer used as it was intended, that does not mean that it is without value.)

+Brauer has worked as a graphic artist, painter, and sculptor for more than 20 years. His style has been influenced by his love of science fiction novels, comics, and American series. Specifically, he has admired the wondrous universes of Metropolis by Fritz Lang and the grandeur of 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. His work has been inspired by books, films, and television series that +Brauer loves, but also by the Japanese robots that he has collected for 20 years. He is represented by MAD Gallery (in Geneva, Taiwan and Dubai). See more of his work here.