Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

Ceaphas Stubbs


come inside, shut the door

(Ceaphas Stubbs's photographs are an exploration in narrative weight and meaning, as well as in black sexuality and pleasure. Stubbs's process begins with sculptures made from found object, photographs, and studio detritus, which are then photographed and dismantled. His works function in a space that is the intersection of photography, sculpture, and painting, where the images fluctuate between different meanings.)

Ceaphas Stubbs's large format photographs explore sexuality, nostalgia, and pleasure. He layers ready mades, found images, and studio debris to construct ephemeral tabletop and ceiling-hung scenes that challenge the viewer to examine relationships between physicality and desire. The figure, collaged from classical sculpture and fashion, inhabits multiple worlds at once, is the storyteller within his art. Stubbs's works have been reviewed in The New York Times and Brooklyn Rail. They have also been published in Skowhegan's SPACE/LAUNCH, and magazines such as Paint Pulse, PRISM, EXPOSE, AGAVE, and CRED.