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Charlie Sutcliffe

Hybrid Ollum

Hybrid Fons


Electric Forest 2

Electric Forest 2

("Charlie is interested in the extraordinary and the mundane, the real and the unreal and this body of work "SWARM: Mecánica Orgánica" intends to hold up a mirror to our Anthropocene age. The title is inspired by swarm robotics and the notion that while Artificial Intelligence might seem fantastical in the present time, in the near future it may be perceived to be incredibly mundane. It reflects Charlie ́s ongoing interest in combining future prophecy and reality.

Using the vernacular of Victorian Scientific Illustration and the mediums of sculpture and screen prints, the project shows two major elements. Giant 3D sculptures will float in front of the viewer, asking us to question how we could coexist and share our world with these organisms, while screen prints based on detailed pen and ink drawings depict these hybrids.")

Charlie Sutcliffe is an English Artist based in Valencia, Spain. His style resides around the juxtaposition of the actual & the interior landscape. Constantly evolving, his recent investigations have led him into a study of AI. He has completed numerous projects in Fine Art, Set design, Street Art & Illustration. Research trips & Residencies in such diverse places as Crimea, MIAU Fanzara, A Cave in Idaho & a Prison in Quito, have further informed his work.  Clients include BBC, Tate, HBO & Sony. For more work, visit his website.