Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern


Corinne Whitaker




(In ancient days, ink was made of animal blood.
Today, the blood of ignominy
Stains the earth.
The bull
Maul, rape, despoil
Far from Pamplona.
We, the most brilliant creatures yet known
The innovators, inventors, imagineers
The destroyers, the executioners
The dispensers of hate.
Can we go on a war diet?
Can we live one week
Without murdering
Are astroseismologists right?
Stars that give warmth and light
Are also brutal marauders
That smother their planets
With lethal radiation.
I cannot soften the cosmos,
The rabid, the aggrieved, the infuriated.
But I can wrap you in gentleness
Erase, maybe, the bloody stains
Of post-Eden dystopia
Create, maybe, a dollop of joy
A teaspoon
Of stainless ecstasy
In a world
That eradicates

c. Corinne Whitaker 2016)

Corinne Whitaker, aka the Digital Giraffe, has been acclaimed for 35 years as a pioneering digital painter and sculptor. She has been featured worldwide in over 330 exhibitions, including solo shows at the Peninsula Art Museum in Burlingame, CA. (2015) and Stanford University (2015). She has shown at the Austin Museum of Digital Art (2002) and the Louvre Museum in Paris (2015).

Whitaker is featured in "Women Artists of the American West" (1998). She has published the award-winning Digital Giraffe monthly eZine ( for 22 years.

Whitaker lives in Foster City, CA. She is a 1956 graduate of Wellesley College, Phi Beta Kappa, Durant Scholar, and recipient of the Katherine Lee Bates Award and the John Masefield Award. In July, she was long listed for the Lumen Prize, which "celebrates the very best art created digitally by artists around the world." Out of roughly 600 entries this year, Whitaker's placement on the Long List puts her in the top 10% of digital artists worldwide. 

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