Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

Editor's Note: The premier issue

Dear Reader:
Thank you for your interest in The Matador Review's premier issue. This marks the beginning of our expedition.

In this issue, you will find work that considers the following topics: the apocalypse, the celebration of blackness, the terrorist, the gun, the refugees, the exploding space shuttle, the cult leaders, the floods in Bangladesh, the anarchy in the chicken coop, the samurai in the park, the inebriated bee, the houses that we lived in, the houses that are alive, the things that we ignore, and countless many others. We are very fortunate to have been selected by these artists and writers, and we hope that our work over the past several months will prove how grateful we are.

Also within this issue, you will find several interviews. We spoke with Daniel Handler, who is sometimes known as children's novelist Lemony Snicket, about his most recent novel We Are Pirates and the upcoming Netflix series based on A Series of Unfortunate Events. We interviewed Conner Habib - a writer, lecturer, and adult film star - about his thoughts on sex work and his process with writing. And lastly, we spoke with American musician Jason Webley about his life, his many deaths, and how his career came to fruition.

Like love, and like sex, and like children, there will never be anything quite as special as your first.

This is our first.


JT Lachausse
Editor-in-chief, TMR