Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern


Dear Reader:


This January (2017), The Matador Review will become a one-year-old.

In this first year, we have seen formative ideas bloom into unexpected triumphs. The quality & quantity of work we receive is, often times, difficult to believe; we never truly prepared for this. We hoped for this, of course, but none of us expected this, and we are entirely grateful.

That being said, I'd like to use this space to extend my appreciation. (It's that time of the year, anyways.)

To the creative community, thank you for taking a chance on us. Your tenacity is inspiring, and we continue to work for you. We hope to extend our reach, to push your work as far as possible, to lift you higher into the air and scream louder, longer, with greater ferocity -- "here, here!"


To the editorial team, thank you for your flexibility and diligence. Your voices have shaped The Matador Review, and we would be nowhere without you. Shayne, Mandy, Jim, here's to another year.

We thought it was a sign, when the very first submission to the magazine was a knock-out. We were stunned. Surely not already? On our first day? We waited, but sure enough: Pete Stevens, "List of Items That Antonio Bandini (Professional Sword Swallower) Refuses to Swallow," was meant to be in The Matador Review. Since then, we have been given the opportunity to interview our literary and artistic heroes, to befriend creators of incalculable merit and experience, and to learn and laugh together.

But I'll end this before I get too sentimental, and risk seeming contrived.
Thank you, my friends. Let the language & art take you elsewhere.


JT Lachausse
Editor-in-chief, TMR