Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern


The Fiction Archive

A – J

Berger, Marni
            "Edge of the Road with Lydia Jones" (Summer 2018)

Brooks, Melissa
            "Split" (Summer 2018)

Campbell, Andrew S.
            "The Black Pyramid" (Summer 2017)

Campanioni, Chris
            "Sometimes I make believe"
            "When in Room, or Brooklyn"
            "down in it" (Summer 2016)

Coe, M. S.
            "Vegans on UTube" (Spring 2018)

Costa, Karen
            "Cornies" (Winter 2018)

Ellett, Gena
            "Butterfly" (Fall 2016)

Fowler, Lindsay
            "RoboGRL's Mother-in-Law" (Winter 2017)

Fuller, Trevor
            "The Right Object" (Spring 2018)

Gabris, Lana Elizabeth
            "The Bears Come Calling" (Winter 2017)

Gomel, Elana
            "Little Sister" (Winter 2018)

Goodman, Justin
            "To the Other Shore" (Spring 2017)

Grabois, Mitchell Krockmalnik
            "Old and New Mythologies" (Summer 2016)

Hammerle, Michael
            "The Experiment" (Winter 2017)

Harper, Stephanie
            "Winter Children" (Fall 2017)

Huset, Zebulon
            "The Last Hurrah"
            "A Cold, Dark Place" (Fall 2016)

Jenkins, Arya F.
            "Days Like This" (Summer 2018)

Jenkins, Becca Borawski
            "The Bones of Babies" (Spring 2018)

Johnston, Joseph
            "Nostalgic Cheap Motel (Parts I-III)" (Fall 2017)

K – R

Kearnes, Thomas
            "Mama Is Always Onstage" (Spring 2017)

Keys, Travis
            "Don't Blame me Blame the Roaches" (Fall 2016)

Kiesow, Jill
            "The Ghost Birds" (Summer 2017)

King, Joshua
            "The Anteater" (Fall 2017)

Laughter, Shayne
            "Emmonsburg Road" (Spring 2017)

Levy, Jared
            "The Former President Paints Portraits of Dogs" (Fall 2017)

Nelson, John Christopher
            "Detumescence" (Fall 2016)

Nguyen, Kimarlee
            "a short reminder of how history works" (Spring 2017)

Palmer, Lucy
            "Friendly Fire" (Winter 2018)

Parsons, Daniel
            "Global Warming" (Summer 2016)

Peck, K.V.
            "Spring" (Summer 2016)

Rampson, Eric
            "Villains" (Summer 2017)

Renteria, Nicholas Armando
            "Omni" (Summer 2017)

Roesle, Patrick
            "Amy, Her City" (Fall 2017)

Rozic, Edwin
            "Dead Ends in Writing" (Fall 2016)

S – Z

Sawatzky, Ellie
            "The Stones" (Spring 2017)

Schaefer, Jennifer
            "Statue Maker" (Spring 2018)

Shaheen, Glenn
            "Stitches" (Summer 2017)

Shakhshir, Sharif
            "Lagomorph" (Summer 2016)

Sibra, Steve
            "Chicken Stockings" (Summer 2016)

Silver, Luke
            "Still-Agitated Deceased" (Fall 2016)

Simand, Alex
            "Recipe for Khash" (Summer 2017)

Stein, Zack
            "Eldorado" (Winter 2018)

Stevens, Pete
            "List of Items that Antonio Bandini (Professional Sword Swallower) 
            Refuses to Swallow"
(Summer 2016)

Thompson, Tamika
            "The Devil Be Here in a Minute" (Winter 2017)

Thomson, Joe
            "Sugo" (Spring 2017)

Todd, Graham
            "Kvetch" (Summer 2018)

Van Denburgh, Damian
            "The Orphaning Light" (Fall 2018)

Varana, Miles
            "Coal's Revenge" (Winter 2018)

Walsh, Clíodhna
            "Playback Switch" (Fall 2017)

Wiebe, Sam
            "Heel Turn" (Winter 2017)

Windemuth, Anna
            "Don't Forget We're All Strangers" (Winter 2019)