Matador Review

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Franco La Russa

Waiting for a kiss

Man standing


"Intimacy is a simple gesture; a hand cupping a face, an arm draped over a welcoming back, the pressing of posterior to groin. These are the moments that Thion's new work explores; the points at which two entities are brought together as one form. The sexuality present in these works runs contrary to current hegemonic values. While society at large may try to censor these tender, human moments that unite us, Thion is unflinching in bringing them to the forefront of his work."

Franco La Russa (aka Thion) is an artist and curator based in London. He grew up in Genoa (Italy), where he got his BA in Fine Art, then moved to Milan where he studied advertising and graphic design, working as an art director and illustrator for various agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann and Young & Rubican. His craving for a more vibrant, more truly international art scene, eventually drew him to London. Open to any creative projects, he has since exhibited in various group and solo shows nationally and internationally.