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furen dai

message through generations

(The process actualized in the video exemplifies how elder generations have passed the rules for behavior to the younger generations and how the younger generations might very well have strong opinions about those rules, either in agreement or disagreement. The black box symbolizes how the women creating rules are trapped inside and how it becomes increasingly hard for them to see the outside world.)

Furen Dai is a multimedia artist based in Boston, Massachusetts, working mostly in video, performance, sculptural installation, and painting. Dai has presented exhibitions in Italy, Argentina, Russia, China, Vietnam, Spain, and more. She holds an MFA from The Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University (Boston, Massachusetts) and a Bachelor of Russian from Beijing Foreign Studies University (Beijing, China).

With a background in linguistic study, and working as interpreter for several years in China, Dai's practice centers on language and the culture built through it, reflecting on various forms of interpretation. In her previous work as interpreter, Dai was often in a position between two cultures attempting to examine where they meet, overlap, and where they differentiate. However, in her artistic practice, her voice as an individual comes through in the interpretation of image making and documentation of both traditional and contemporary cultures in China, and ultimately giving voice to the women in the cultures she emphasizes in her work. More of her work can be found on her website.