Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

gorden kegya

mpayin-nsem (prematureness)

("Adolescence is the opposite of the concept in this painting. Excuses sound cheaper to purchase, whereas taking responsibilities by conservationists become influential in our localities. The mood in the government toward liberalism has influenced teenagers into buying responsibilities that they cannot afford. The image denotes teenage callowness in handling unplanned issues resulted by inefficiancy of environmental and parental surveillance on the culture of future lives.")

good friday

("The latter moments of schedules under stress are filled with enthusiasm and excitement. These hours occasionally and religiously act as a sabbatical to living creatures. This colorful scene actively displays emotional intelligence of dependency on the weekly market closure.")

Empty Barrel

("There is an African adage which states that an "empty barrel makes the most noise." This proverb is an inspiration to this colorful figurative scene, which depicts three females who share common occupations within their destined geographical lands. Even if they owned one blood, wealth could cause hierarchy. Wealth takes priority for most workers within this century, hereby bringing forth false entrepreneurs who then cover their losses with profitable words.")

Gorden Kegya's works are based on the emotions and thoughts of the subject he paints. He has found inspiration for his works in the transient nature of life, from birth to ashes. He is currently majoring in Painting and Sculpture (BA Art Education) at the University of Education, Winneba, where he has found comfort in his bias towards wet and digital media.