Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

hitomi matsui

only in mexico

(26W″ x 22H” x 7D”, 2018. Mixed media. “I was inspired by the food markets in Mexico. The colors and smells are so stimulating. After coming back to my studio, I reimagined my own food Mexican food market with a wooden store.”)

rural america

(26W″ x 22H” x 7D”, 2018. Mixed media. “During a trip to Ohio, my husband and I came across a small town bakery. There was an old picture of Clint Eastwood framed on the wall. This gave me the idea to make my own Eastwood bakery, even with the marble top.”)

pizza in queens

(8W″ x 14H” x 8D”, 2018. Fabric. “For almost four years now I have been eating pizza at this wonderful restaurant. What stuck with me the most was the faded sign on the building side and the garbage bin left out every night.”)

breakfast in nyc

(2018. Fabric. “When I first came to NYC, I saw so many morning bagel and coffee stands were people grabbed something to eat.”)

fish market in paris

(2018. Fabric. “I travelled abroad in Paris this past Christmas and stopped into the market for food. I came across samples of caviar which I found to be delicious. It stuck with me so much I had to sew my own.”)

(“So, I bought a backpack and set out to travel abroad. While traveling, I became struck by the different levels of diversity each country presented to me, completely unaware of how much these experiences would influence me and my future work. When I would visit a place, I would see something I had never seen before, like a small store, or traditional handcraft fabrics made by locals. I then brought something of it home and would reimagine my own version of it. With my backpack in hand, I set out on my own to experience the world we live in.“)

Hitomi Matsui was born in Osaka, Japan, and her passion of sewing with felt began at a very early age. As a teenager, Hitomi learned about the different cultures through movies, music, and TV. Traveling has brought more than just cultural experience into Hitomi’s creative life, it’s become the bridge for her art and sewing, and is now deeply rooted into her creative process. Since 2000, Hitomi has decided to make New York City her home. Her studio is in Long Island City, Queens. She continues to travel abroad and sew her personal experiences.