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Dr. Eve L. Ewing, a sociologist of education and writer in Chicago, has been called the "Zora Neale Hurston of [her] generation." Electric Archesher collection of poetry, essays, and visual art, was released in 2017 by Haymarket Books. The collection was named 2017 Best Poetry Book by the Chicago Review of Books, and was cited by the Chicago Tribune as one of the Top Ten Books of the Year. Ewing's second book, Ghosts in the Schoolyard: Racism and School Closings on Chicago's South Sidewill be released by the University of Chicago Press this year.

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Graham Judd
"The Midnight Valley"

Graham Judd is an artist, illustrator, and educator. He works for Augsburg University, publishes art for games with Fight in a Box Games, and he is the illustrator for Flora of Middle Earth. He is a geek, and lives in the Twin Cities with his family.