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James Hamblin, MD
Joyce Carol Oates
Don Share
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Jonaki Ray
Devon Miller-Duggan
Kenneth Pobo
Sofiul Azam
Dalton Day
E. Hughes
Whitney Mackman
Kailee Marie Pedersen
R. A. Allen

Alex Simand
Nicholas A. Renteria
Jill Kiesow
Glenn Shaheen

Andrew S. Campbell
Eric Rampson

Maryah Converse
T.A. Norman
DT Clifton

Elżbieta Łabowska
Joseph O'Boyle
Shaima Sobhy
Gray Lyons
Gorden Kegya
Angelo Arnold
Steven Chmilar
Brea Weinreb
Isobel Cortese
Pavel Romaniko
Dragana Grujicic
Brian Cirmo

James Hamblin, MD, is a writer and senior editor at The Atlantic, where he also hosts the video series If Our Bodies Could Talk. His book of the same name, a general-interest textbook of anatomy and physiology that covers topics such as sleep, aging, diet, and more, was released in 2016. Hamblin was a finalist for the 2015 Webby Award for Best Web Personality, was named by Time as one of the 140 people to follow on Twitter, and was called "the most delightful MD ever" by BuzzFeed.

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Joseph O'Boyle
"Her Pic Went Viral"

Joseph O'Boyle is a 22-year-old freelance illustrator currently based in Madrid, Spain. See more of his work