Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern


The Interviews Archive

A – M

Andrews, Jesse
            "Ege Bamyasi" (Summer 2017)

Alexander, Kwame
            "The Bridge Builder" (Winter 2018)

Aoki, Ryka
            "No Dust Here" (Spring 2017)

Asghar, Fatimah
            "Risk and Play" (Fall 2018)

Bailey, Dona
            "Close to Alchemy" (Winter 2019)

Barone, Eric
            "The Soloist" (Fall 2016)

Chaon, Dan
            "Beauty to Launch" (Spring 2018)

Congleton, John
            "A Tragic Animal" (Fall 2016)

Crosley, Sloane
            "Plus Time" (Spring 2018)

Darnielle, John
            "Four Square Feet" (Winter 2017)

DeConnick, Kelly Sue
            "Growing Out, Marching In" (Fall 2017)

Ewing, Eve L.
            "A to ? to B" (Summer 2018)

Gallaher, John
            "Bruce Is in Love with Elaine" (Spring 2017)

Habib, Conner
            "The Kid Who Asked Too Much" (Summer 2016)

Hamblin, James
            "Funny Bone" (Summer 2017)

Handler, Daniel
            "More Wrong Questions" (Summer 2016)

Hill, Jason Stevan
            "Choice of the Interview" (Fall 2018)

Hill, Nathan
            "The Adventure You Choose" (Winter 2017)

Irby, Samantha
            "Sweet Alchemy" (Spring 2018)

Huffman, Naomi
            "Teeth and Marrow" (Spring 2017)

Kendi, Ibram X.
            "A Politician, Each and All" (Winter 2018)

Kronman, Anthony T.
            "A Born-Again Pagan" (Fall 2017)

Machado, Carmen Maria
            "Keep Dancing" (Winter 2018)

N – Z

Oates, Joyce Carol
            "With Care" (Summer 2017)

Palahniuk, Chuck
            "Heaven Forbid" (Summer 2018)

Rivera, Lilliam
            "Driving With Faith" (Spring 2018)

Saunders, George
            "My Best Self" (Fall 2016)

Share, Don
            "Real and Imagined Places" (Summer 2017)

Siken, Richard
            "Play is Fundamental" (Winter 2019)

Tamaki, Mariko
            "Unspoken Stories" (Winter 2018)

Thien, Madeleine
            "Somewhere Else for Fifteen Minutes" (Spring 2017)

VanderMeer, Jeff
            "No Absolutes" (Fall 2017)

Vargas, Cyn
            "Beyond the Comfort Zone" (Winter 2017)

Warner, Jon
            "Blue Sky" (Fall 2018)

Webley, Jason
            "When I Was Dead" (Summer 2016)

Wild Beasts
            "The Boot" (Winter 2017)

Wolfe, Chelsea
            "Many Moons" (Fall 2017)

Women & Children First Bookstore
            "We Need Diverse Books" (Fall 2016)

Zhang, Jenny
            "Making Leaps" (Summer 2018)