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izzat a. haile

pretty little fears





("I like to tell stories both simple and complex about everyday people and everyday problems, emotions and thoughts. I often reference African visuals, such as mask symbols and tattoos, together with science fiction to come up with an Afro-futuristic aesthetic geared towards showing the possibilities for Africa's future.

My most recent body of work is an on-going Afro-futuristic exploration of individuality and identity. It attempts to unlock the several layers of a person's identity though portraiture, who an individual truly is or aspires to be as opposed to who/how they present themselves to the world. It explores how a person can be shaped through external factors such as social and professional pressures, the expectations of loved ones and the ever present conundrum of nature versus nurture.")

Izzat A. Haile is a self-taught visual artist, illustrator, graphic designer and architect. His body of work ranges from paintings to visual identity and special design. Haile received a bachelor's degree in architectural design in 2017 and has been working as an independent artist collaborating with several individuals and organizations to promote arts in Ethiopia as a tool for self-expression and communication. He has been working closely with organizations such as Poetic Saturdays, an organization that provides a safe platform for amateur performance artists, and Nomad Ethiopia; a collective that showcases DJs and producers playing innovative Afro-electronic music. His work with these and other similar collaborative projects has seen surrealist and futuristic characters featured in The Ethiopian Reporter. He is currently working with Allure media and communications as art director. Izzat A. Haile is always open to collaborative projects to learn, produce and grow. Find him on Instagram at