Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

Jacob Yeates

Clinic (Iraq)

(Selection from personal series on disassociation between physical location and global events.)

Untitled III (Gaddalfi)

(Selection from personal series reflecting on historic distortion and its resultant celebration or vilification of political leaders.)

("My work looks to moments of physical and emotional extremity in order to explore larger issues of pervasive, sociopolitical violence, often within the context of the Western world’s continued military engagements (domestic or abroad), and by extension, my own direct or indirect involvement in these situations. By placing myself and viewers in these circumstances via preexisting narratives—be they historical, current events and interviews, or even fictional frameworks—and expanding upon them, an otherwise difficult experience can be examined, relayed and, hopefully, understood on a more human, sympathetic level.")

Jacob Yeates is a freelance illustrator and art educator living in Minneapolis. Driven by a love of art, literature, and stress, he received his Drawing BFA and English minor from the University of Iowa in 2013, and his MFA in Visual Studies at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2017. His work has been featured by Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, 3x3, Creative Quarterly, Illozine, IH8 WAR and Little Village Magazine, as well as appearing in multiple exhibitions in Iowa and Minnesota. For more work, visit his website.