Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

Joseph Spece

Cat on the Wall

Zookeeper, listen: invisibility
    is a strange success
                                & not mine.

de profundis
it sings

                                        de profundis
                                        de profundis

The whet of galling &
       a fell
a gruesome & harrowing comport
                      is it not
          mine, it might be—

& of matins in moorland
& spike bent through the sluice

                                 Is it mine
                                 this body
    though the worm will have it

Exhibit: Gay

            Me, caught etiolating celery.

Never enough was it to wrap in blue paper
and shut the icebox drawer No

                      but I must turn over my sack of rice

                      let the grains pour out with a hiss

lay the unthinkable beets in deep bags.


Some renter sends a query note: A rather sad cache has dug in
                               since you've gone away.

I'm in receipt. I lift face from your empty flannel and read.


            The maquette
            was first


Wire clipped and worked


out of ovoid

     to the rough shape

                   of a canoe


laid in oak

forty-three inches in height

Set on the heaths


    to seal

    and how

                    the rain poured over it


Joseph Spece is editor at Fathom Books and the SHARKPACK imprints. His first volume of poems, Roads, appeared in 2013; a shortbook, my centigrade is like a captive star, is forthcoming from Pyramid in 2017.