Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

j'sun howard

Dream Where Every Black Person Eats a Cloud

after danez smith

& we first gaze at them
           been knowing our ancestors been waiting for us

& we gaze at them more-
           since genesis, able to fly & outdo any angel with our slay

& we been high
           ozone ballooning our lungs, light-headed like
                      i'm singing this whole thing wrong because i'm high

& when we're buddha-bellied, red river-eyed
           & unable to prophesize anymore of our deaths

we ebulliently & drunkardly somersault into each other
           as the sun scorches everything beneath our wings

J'Sun Howard is Chicago-based dancemaker and poet. He's currently one of the inaugural Co-MISSION Fellows at Links Hall developing the performance project "Working On Better Versions of Prayers." His work is forthcoming in GIANTHOLOGY and the Shade Journal, and can be seen in Calamus Journal, Propter Nos, The Body, Manifold, Bird's Thump, 3rd Language, Chicago IRL, Danspace Project's Constellations and Influences, Inkwell, Garland Court Review, and Storyglossia.