Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

Juliette Roche

Bleu Piscine

(scan, paint on canvas, 2018)


(paint on canvas, 22 x 30cm, 2017)

("My work is a way to apprehend and understand the world, through its softness, its color, its flesh. I want to collect what time leaves aside when it passes by. I'm trying to emphasis the truth contained in every shape, every gesture, to show what an object can tell about human beings. Waste is an instant torn from the linearity of life, a raw memory. Shapes and surfaces may sometimes be too talkative; to paint on them is a way to make them more silent, or to understand them better. To endlessly paint objects that I collect, random remains of everyday life, is necessary. Magazine images that protect the work table receive paint drops, and then become the new witnesses of the moment. When there are no more objects to paint, I am left with empty areas that need to be filled, as patient monochromes. Everything that's here and carries the present moment, deserves to be carefully looked at.")

Juliette Roche was born in Paris in 1987. She graduated from the Fine Arts School of Rennes, Brittany, in 2011. Since then, she has been practicing in different fields, professionally and artistically. She lives and works in Paris.