Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

Kimberly Callas

The beekeeper's wife

green man

birch bark breathing

(Callas is an artist focusing on the "ecological self" and our necessary connection to nature through the human body and natural materials. Drawn to the various religions of the world, particularly their symbols and imagery, Callas strives to develop new symbolic ideas that are relevant today.)

(Photography by William Thuss)

Kimberly Callas became interested in the idea of an ecological self after living through 9/11 and moving to Maine to co-found a sustainability institute. Through her work in sustainability, Callas realized it was the emotional attachments to nature that are the real motivators to action, especially in cases where environmental damage may be invisible. Callas went in search of these attachments through an artistic process she describes as "a combination of scientific observation and religious practice," seeking an ecological self, a self that remembers our deeper connections to nature.