Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

Malo Lacroix & Maxime Aumon

porte nef: wingless aircraft

Born from a desire to build a presence and find the unknown, Porte Nef moves between absurd and technical object. The symbolism lives in a strong vision of the coming machine in a forgotten zone, of solitude and improbable meetings: ghost town, memories of Soljenitsyne, solitary walkers, nameless rivers and abandonment relinquishment.

The structure is assembled from aluminum tubes, fabrics and pieces of recycled bikes. The group transports spare parts to build the machine in Russia. In a garage of the city Gulag Vorkouta is built what will catalyze the adventurers.

The plane attracts and protects. It is nailed on the ground and moves only in the strength of arms and at the rate of the walking men. They will never makes fly their structure but it will be at least a shelter, a way to transport equipment.

In the meadow of insomnia

It’s a country of light, wind and earth without three, without shadow nor road.
Men walk in the tundra and carry on the wingless aircraft.
They don’t talk, think about nothing, cross rivers and stony ravine.
They are not more than bodies swamped with silence, assailed by mosquitoes.
They camp under the mother of pearl sky in the midnight sun.
On a rotating basis, men find shelter in the aircraft.
Here, eyes closed they find back a part of childhood, dreaming about cow-boys and Indians.

The chariot is the great container of stolen dreams, the scattered dreams.
Oural or the Rockies, lamb or buffalo, red skin or Samoyèdes.
American West turn into great Siberian North.
Thus go on these men : In the hope of great structure and tomahawk’s
lost wizardry.
And their feet holding them always fairer in the
meadow of insomnia

- Maxime Aumon

Porte Nef is a transmedia project capable of adapting its format according to the context: a 26 min documentary, a video installation, an audio visual live. Maxime Aumon and Malo Lacroix were able to realize multiple argentic and digital pictures during the walk. About forty medias are available to be printed.

The paper publication is also included a book with photos, images of the documentary and texts written by Maxime Aumon and Malo Lacroix.


Malo Lacroix was born in Cayenne, French Guyana. He works in photography, installation, music events, and video production. Past experiences include AV live with Murcof. Malo commissioned motion design for Antwerp based artist Yves De Mey, Russian experimental techno artist Dasha Rush, made short films with The Natucket Project in USA and was the visual director for the Positive Education festival. Visit Malo here.

Maxime Aumon is a traveling architect. He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture of Paris Malaquais, and he designs light architectures and mobile structures he brings in his trips as a support for his stories and poetic fables. These stories, called trajectoires buissonnières, make us think about our way to inhabit the world and claim a freer way of life, in which we are allowed to decide our own destiny. Visit Maxime here.

Watch the teaser for Porte Nef here.