Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

mara adamitz scrupe

shaky walker will


            & though we may/ we two/ we may be          governed
by some lesser            mythology:     the healing

            not the healer who heals us    & though shallow

the slave entranced master/ the celled invasion         you
be my teacher now of rapture
                        spell & seizure the fringe        the fluttered eyelid

the carved brow the finer sand always casts              the smoother
            bronze/ the strop honed chisel/ the cleaner

            cut & though palpable/ autumn's       strafe
fired us           black & blue/ me vicious you the victim

            of its damage I can't look       away from      & though
it's the tracheal shave rubs the surface           bedside the sheet's

            hem &              & your mouth's moan molds
words of objects of gnaw & glaze & trace     & nursing staff's

clutter the lesser I am for your absence & to tell you
            the truth          the greater I am for the knowing & your

shaky wild walker will/ that last day on foot the Nilotic
            scent of parasite          of hospice       of decomposite

& swift reduction of your body to its previously

            demarcated stitched-up parts  & though shedding
one fine fewer soul the city's been abandoned          by your grace

            by your breath's rattle            it's privilege to see you

through           & though knowledge professed as real
            & ignorance    as immaterial  is liquidity to the chap

the lamelia      of your learner's lips  as though the dirge
            is in the shape notes sung/       the contours

                                                                        of your throat

Mara Adamitz Scrupe has created significant bodies of work in poetry, book arts, installation, and public art. Her fellowships include NEA/CEC ArtsLink, D.C. Commission on the Arts, and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. She has authored two poetry collections "Sky Pilot" published by Finishing Line Press, and "BEAST," winner of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies' Stevens Manuscript Award. Scrupe's poems have been widely published nationally and internationally in literary journals and anthologies and she has won numerous prizes and awards for her poetry.