Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern


Nathalie Pirotte

inside out

(110 cm x 165 cm, 2016. This oil painting was first created with a computer. I wanted to dig and toss the colors of this male face, trying to create an unclear fantasy popping out, almost as a inhibited growing sex.)


(100 cm x 75 cm, 2016. In this oil portrait, first worked with computer, the sweet woman is blinded by her own feelings. She is sweet but unhappy. The compulsive passion is digging into her brain in a curious sense of almost religious affliction.)


(165 cm x 110 cm, 2014. My favorite subject is the woman and her phantasmagorical inner world. This face is blinded with stripes of black paint as a remembrance of gestures and memory of some past experience. The black is here as darkness but it is not negative. It is strength.)


(22 x 16 cm, 2015. This Painting is about the melting of the body of the person in passion, the special sensation of burning skin. Escaping.)

Nathalie Pirotte was born in Zaire and lives in Brussels, Belgium. She attended the Parsons School of Design in New York City and later received a master's at La Cambre (Brussels) in 1989 in painting and 3D research. She is currently a painting instructor at Académie des Beaux-Arts d'Arlon. 

She has work in Belgium and abroad (France, Germany, Guadalajara, Italy, USA, Japan), both solo and group shows. Representative galleries include: Emilie Dujat Bruxelles (Belgium), Bertrand Gillig Strasbourg (France), Espace Apart and Toxic Art in Luxemburg, curator C Gangitano (Italy and Hong Kong). She has been in many print and web publications, including The Photophore, Eye See Hue, ArtodeThe Jealous CuratorLemon le Mag, and more.