Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern



(A futuristic news anchor giving a fictional monologue amidst a vast array of advertising and distractions. 6 color screen print on cotton rag paper, signed and numbered edition of 13, 22" x 28")


(A couple listening to records in nature while odd historical documentaries play in the background; symbols of past civilizations, religions, and ephemera seep into the print and create an inky alliance with the surrounding flora and fauna. 4 color s/n screen print on deckled edge cotton rag paper, limited edition of 25, 22" x 15")

Regionally named after a group of mid 19th century abolitionists fighting for Kansas to enter the union as a free state, Red Legger Studio was established by lifelong Kansan Nick Perry. His influences include underground comics, outlaw print makers, and pop and lowbrow art. He produces fine art screen prints and self-published zines full of wild mash-ups of roadside American ephemera and propaganda. Elements of vintage advertising litter his visual landscapes, manipulating their original intent of controlling the way the public views the world. This method produces new and exciting visual narratives that repurpose popular themes. For more work, visit Red Legger Studio's website and instagram.