Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

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The nonFiction Archive

A – M

Brown, Joel F.
            "In the Skin of a House Fire" (Fall 2016)

Carroll, Melissa
            "Checked Baggage" (Fall 2016)

Clifton, DT
            "An Oasis of Horror in a Desert of Boredom" (Summer 2017)

Converse, Maryah
            "Neither of Us Quite Bedouin" (Summer 2017)

Cross, Jen
            "Coming Home" (Fall 2017)

English, Katharine
            "Opening Day" (Fall 2016)

Frank, Gabriela Denise
            "The G N' R Plan" (Spring 2018)

Gan, Hilary
            "The Totality of Selflessness" (Winter 2018)

Hoffacker, William
            "Upon Playing Plants Vs. Zombies in an Election Year" (Summer 2016)

Kunzinger, Bob
            "Unfinished" (Spring 2017)

Lardner, Ted
            "Sleeping Elephant Mountain" (Spring 2018)

Lipitz, Sophie
            "Dolly Parton is a Boomerang" (Winter 2019)

McGrath, Anne
            "Terminal 5" (Summer 2018)

Miller, Mary T.
            "Stories from the End" (Fall 2018)

Mroczek, Ania
            "Being and Becoming" (Winter 2017)

Munter, Pam
            "Lost in Loss" (Fall 2017)

N – Z

Naito, Jono
            "Ghost Kingdom" (Winter 2018)

Norman, T.A.
            "Satan Said Dance" (Summer 2017)

Poppe, Alex
            "The Monster By the River" (Summer 2016)

Rydeen, Matt
            "Monsters" (Spring 2017)

Schaefer, Katherine
            "Silent Bread" (Winter 2017)

Schulman, Arlene
            "The Sewing Lesson" (Fall 2017)

Scott, Stephanie
            "On Shelter, Home and Beauty" (Summer 2016)

Semenow, Christine
            "Anonymous: Diary of a Sex Addict" (Spring 2017)

Shaw, Christopher
            "The Case of the Faceless Bathroom Bandit (and my PPA)" (Fall 2018)

Sherlock, Karl
            "Scrap" (Winter 2017)