Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

Peter B. Davis

blue rondo

(I believe in a certain kind of energy that expresses itself through the work, which forms of its own accord. The paintings are often random and are suggested by what they can add at any one time. The images are deconstructed with thinners to take them back to the base before painting re-construction commences, which can elicit many nuances.)

Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Peter Davis's work includes many award winning commercials, along with numerous TV ID's, soundtracks and arrangements. He founded The Red Orchidstra with longtime musical associate French virtuoso keyboardist Dan Biro and his version of Roy Budd's theme from the seminal '71 Brit gangster movie Get Carter is regarded as a groove classic and was the most requested record ever on jazzfm. Davis's most recent outfit Mysteries Of The Revolution (drawn from elements of The Red Orchidstra) released its eponymous debut album on Hole In The Wall Music and Productions (also formed with Dan Biro) label Blue Serene Focus. He has also originated programs for London Weekend Television's South Bank Show on Miles Davis and Weather Report, and wrote and produced The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong featuring Sir Kingsley Amis. As director/playwright, his first stage play Through The Grapevine (the life of Marvin Gaye) received its world premiere at the Shaw Theatre. As filmmakers, Hole In The Wall Music and Productions have featured regularly at international festivals including Cannes, where in 2013 their short Poolside was selected for the CFBC's La Nouvelle Haine category.