Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern


The Poetry Archive

A – J

Abbott, Steve
            "Journal: January 6" (Summer 2016)

Alexander, Carol
            "I Explain Why I Get Lost" (Summer 2018)

Allen, R.A.
            "Apologia" (Summer 2017)

Azam, Sofiul
            "The Scavenger" (Summer 2017)

Baker, Matthew W.
            "Birthday Parties" (Winter 2019)

Barnum, Daniel
            "The Thing" (Winter 2017)

Beebe, Jessica
            "Birds of Pink" (Fall 2017)

Bella, Lana
            "Dear Suki: Letter Y for Yearling" (Fall 2016)

Bentley, Roy
            "1950" (Spring 2017)

Bernheim, Erica
            "Animal People in the Crepe Myrtle Forest" (Spring 2018)

Carter, T.H.
            "They Came Wearing the Bodies of Children" (Fall 2017)

Charkes, Susan
            "The Out Years" (Summer 2016)

Chung, Steven
            "Portrait of a Flood Family" (Fall 2016)

Corey, Chet
            "A Bedtime Story" (Winter 2017)

Cruz, Rachelle
            "Someone Said 'Immigranty'"
            "A Piñata Party at the End of the Alley" (Fall 2018)

Davis, Lauren M.
            "Martin's Guilt" (Spring 2017)

Davis, John Paul
            "Gender" (Fall 2017)

Day, Dalton
            "Radiation That November" (Summer 2017)

Deal, Tara
            "Open Jaw" (Spring 2017)

Dennison, Matt
            "The Wall Dogs"
            "A Long Tin Horse of Color" (Summer 2016)

Ellison, Jude
            "Light Artefacts"
            "Home Water" (Fall 2017)

Evans, Kerry James
            "Indigo Bunting"
            "Home Repairs" (Summer 2018)

Flick, Jeremy
            "Bent" (Summer 2018)

Fuller, Todd
            "American Cannibalism, Pt. 1" (Fall 2017)

Garcia, Jack
            "Dear Jared Cummings," (Winter 2019)

Geis, D.G.
            "Now that I only drink water"
            "Jamaican Honeymoon" (Summer 2016)

de Giacomo, Rocco
            "Elision" (Summer 2018)

greathouse, torrin a.
            "When My Brother Makes a Joke About Trans Panic" 
            "Definitions for Body as Prison Metaphor" (Fall 2017)

Greenhouse, Stuart
            "Why the Space Shuttle Challenger Exploded" 
            "Enceladus is Happy" (Summer 2016)

Griffis, Miles
            "Moët" (Fall 2016)

Harrold, Marguerite L.
            "Mis-Identifying" (Fall 2018)

Hicks, Faylita
            "Year of the Dog"
            "sandboxes." (Summer 2018)

Howard, J'Sun
            "Dream Where Every Black Person Eats a Cloud" (Spring 2018)

Hughes, E.
            "African American Griot (2)" 
            "Phone Sex With an Older Boy" (Summer 2017)

Istvan, M.A. Jr
            "On the Forest Trail" (Fall 2016)

Jones, I.S.
            "The Blk Seuss (After Terrance Hayes)" 
            "Wild Crown" (Summer 2016)

Joyner, Janet
            "In Yellow Clover" (Fall 2016)

K – R

Kirsch, Nathalie
            "Contingency Plans"
            "Skinny Dipping in Lake Paran" (Spring 2017)

Kline, Ben
            "I don't want to die like my upstairs neighbor" (Spring 2018)

Krollman, Clayton
            "Dog Facts" (Winter 2019)

Kubasta, C.
            "Them & Us & We" (Winter 2017)

LaForge, Jane Rosenberg
            "The Deer of the Hollywood Hills"
            "Baltimore 1985" (Summer 2016)

Lau, Travis
            "Dogeza" (Summer 2018)

Loudermilk, A.
            "They, a New Them" (Summer 2018)

Mackman, Whitney
            "In Which We Make Alliances Among Strangers in Strange and        
            Temporary Places" 

            "Book of Judith" (Summer 2017)

Martinez, John Paul
            "lessons for my future houseplants" (Summer 2018)

Massicotte, Ken
            "Go Back to the World" (Spring 2018)

Mazza, Joan
            "Desire is a Slime Mold" (Spring 2017)

McAdams, James
            "Like Talking to a Priest (in Javascript 1.5)" (Winter 2017)

McCann, Sarah
            "Fukushima Leaks"
            "The News From Latournelle" (Winter 2018)

McKinney, Joshua
            "Novum" (Spring 2017)

Menasche, Bridget
            "Ghazal" (Fall 2017)

Miller-Dugan, Devon
            "Simply Because Waves Break There" (Summer 2017)

O'Donnell, Mary
            "On Reading My Mother's Sorrow Diary" (Fall 2016)

Oliver, Robert Michael
            "My Son, the Terrorist"
            "Have Gun (A Poem for the 21st Century)" (Summer 2016)

Patterson, Dayna
            "How Not to 'Bring Down the Flowers'" (Spring 2018)

Pedersen, Kailee Marie
            "Schwanengesang" (Summer 2017)

Pickens, Robyn Maree
            "Urban Planning"
            "Tides" (Fall 2017)

Plambeck, Shoko
            "The Badger and the Stars" (Winter 2019)

Pobo, Kenneth
            "Dolly Parton"
            "Steve Complex" (Summer 2017)

Radin, Jeremy
            "Stop Me if You've Heard This One" (Fall 2018)

Ray, Jonaki
            "Photosynthesis" (Summer 2017)

Ray, Ricky
            "Way of the Bear" (Winter 2017)

Rees, C. Samuel
            "The Investigated Body" (Spring 2017)

Rotando, Matthew
            "How the Torrent Moves the Plan" (Winter 2018)

S – Z

Salazar, C.T.
            "Slaughter and Ritual Knife" (Winter 2018)

Scrupe, Mara Adamitz
            "Shaky Walker Will" (Spring 2017)

Seaborn, Heidi
            "Afterward" (Fall 2018)

Silver, Arielle
            "Mother" (Fall 2018)

Sitkus, Carina
            "The Three Stages of a Binge" (Spring 2018)

Sonnenschein, Dana
            "The End of the Cenozoic Era" 
            "Drag Memoir" (Fall 2017)

Spear, Gabrielle
            "Mango Mornings" (Fall 2018)

Spece, Joseph
            "Cat on the Wall"
            "Exhibit: Gay"
            "Exhibit: A Man" (Summer 2016)

Sullivan, Katherine
            "Married with Children" (Winter 2017)

Tate, Travis
            "after this the night still falls" (Fall 2016)

Thacker, Larry
            "CNN: John Kerry Visits Site Where He Killed A Viet Cong
 (Spring 2017)

Walsh, Matthew
            "My Father Never Knew How To"
            "Smile If Your Dad is Like Orpheus" (Fall 2016)

Wetzel, Sarah
            "After the Flood" 
            "The Next David" (Winter 2018)

Williams, John Sibley
            "Let the Snow Speak for Us" 
            "Nesting" (Fall 2017)

Yuan, Jessica
            "Strange Things From the West" (Winter 2018)