Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

No, Chidi, That’s Not Nihilism

by Evan Hrobak

NBC’s THE GOOD PLACE INITIALLY SETS ITSELF APART from the network sitcom lineup with a conceptually adventurous premise. Though it maintains the signature heart of Michael Schur’s other shows (The Office, Parks and Recreation), The Good Place moves the situations that spark comedy from the workplace to the afterlife and our lead characters are either dead or other worldly beings.

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Emerald City Support

by Jennifer Matthewson

IT IS 2009 WHEN I SEE TENDENCY AGAIN. The year the Seattle Sounders are officially welcomed into the Major League Soccer fray, the year my marriage falls apart.

I make the drive north from Portland one weekend, and at a bar on Capitol Hill we sit with beers in our hands, laughing, and catching up about the last five years.

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Portraits of Winter: Bombay Bicycle Club's "Flaws"

by Frank EnYart

I WANT YOU TO TAKE A SECOND and think of your favorite album. If that’s too hard, which I would assume it is for so many of us, I want you to think of one that has impacted you incredibly in some way. It could’ve been the soundtrack for an awful or overwhelmingly happy time, or the album that changed the way you felt about someone or something.

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Where To Find God in New York

by Eric Farwell

I PUT MY FAITH ON A SHELF YEARS AGO. At fourteen, I began seeing a very sweet but wayward girl who acted in direct opposition to the stringent brand of Christianity her mother had built their life around. At the time it was difficult to reconcile the raw issues she was working through with the black and white simplicity of my church. 

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