Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

Sally Sheinman

number 380

(WHAT MAKES YOU/YOU? is an ongoing interactive digital art project where the answers act as an inspiration for Sally Sheinman to do a unique iPad image – a new kind of portraiture. She has created over 400 individual images.

"Number 380"

"What makes me me?... I think it is the struggle I have had with the religion I was born into, a divorce and excommunication associated to it... and now the realization that ART has replaced the religion, Art is now my religion and all that is human that it loves and celebrates… it has saved me because with it I don't feel lost.")

Sally Sheinman is a prolific painter with an interest in contemporary technology and its potential uses in art production. Sally is a conscientious artist with a deep concern for communities (past, present and mythical), people, science and the role of the individual as a contextual starting point for creating accessible but thought provoking work.

Sally is an American who grew up in the USA in New York State near the Canadian border and has lived and worked in Britain for over 25 years. She won the Lumen Founder's prize in 2014.