Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern

Steve Abbott

"Journal:  January 6"


the road I was told led

home is lined with

broken trees

clusters of crosses

along the interstate


they spark the dark houses


for the third week rain

fills the basement

and TV is more of

what I secretly want


that bridge was an escape

route from cities

my people fled

in flames beneath

cross and crescent


I got everything

I prayed for and

still I'm terrified


the president can't save me


I plunge forward

not yet able to feel

the dead I walk on



Steve Abbott is a product of parochial schools and a liberal arts education, resulting in stints as writer & editor for an underground newspaper, delivery truck driver, criminal defendant, courtroom bailiff, private investigator, social service PR flack, and college professor. His poems have appeared in The Connecticut Review, Birmingham Poetry Review, Rattle, Pavement Saw, Plainsongs, Pudding, Slipstream, and Big Scream, among other journals. He edits Ohio Poetry Association's annual member journal Common Threads and is a founder and co-coordinator of The Poetry Forum reading series in Columbus.