Matador Review

A Quarterly Missive of Alternative Concern


The Visual Art Archive

A – J

Adams, Kelly
            "Wrapped Up"
            "Barriers" (Spring 2017)

Arnold, Angelo
            "Loved Seat, Loved Seat" (Summer 2017)

Aumon, Maxime
            "Porte Nef: Wingless Aircraft" (Fall 2018)

B., Nat Very
            "Breath of Life"
            "Warrior Princess" (Fall 2017)

Bánkúti, Gergő
            "Untitled Watercolour 02"
            "Untitled Watercolour 08"
            "Untitled Watercolour 10" (Spring 2018)

Bradbury, Jamie
            "The Battle of Baltimore" 
            "The Fable of the Bees" (Winter 2018)

            "Commodor" (Fall 2018)

Bukovinszki, Gergely
            "Trauma to be Passed On"
            "Cradle to Grave" (Winter 2019)

Burke, Jessica
            "Old Salt and Crow"
            "Lil' Red and Coyote" 
            "San Antonio Rose, the Bandit Queen" (Fall 2017)

Camp, Roger
            "White donkey on river bank"
            "Two men talking in window" (Spring 2018)

Carapinha, David
            "Utopia 1"
            "Utopia 3" 
            "Utopia 4" (Winter 2017)

Charles, Kevin
            "Invisible in Hoodieland" (Fall 2016)

Chmilar, Steven
            "Post Emergence Plight" (Summer 2017)

Cirmo, Brian
            "Retro Cafe" (Summer 2017)

Cortese, Isobel
            "On Safari"
            "Danger" (Summer 2017)

Dai, Furen
            "Message Through Generations" (Spring 2017)

De Zan, Nathalie
            "Blue Flamingos" (Winter 2018)

Draik, Danielle
            "The Ones You See"
            "Between and Over"
            "Of Loss and Rot" (Spring 2018)

Ehlers, James
            "Getting Drunk on BS"
            "Sell Out" 
            "Pix or It Didn't Happen" (Fall 2017)

Erb, Eevee
            "From the Diegetic After"
            "Repossession" (Winter 2019)

Fraser, Ian
            "Hole Space" (Spring 2017)

Gedal, Constantine
            "Untitled 2"
            "Untitled 3" 
            "Untitled 4"
            "Untitled 9"
            "Untitled 11" (Fall 2017)

Gilmer, Christopher Lee
            "Dinnertime" (Spring 2017)

Grob, William
            "Matriarchy TBA"
            "Dreaming Goy" (Spring 2018)

Grujicic, Dragana
            "10" (Summer 2017)

Hall, Sarah
            "Betsy DeVos" 
            "Jeff Sessions"
            "Mike Pompeo" (Fall 2017)

Judd, Graham
            "Dark Waters"
            "The Wind Way"
            "The Midnight Valley" (Summer 2018)

K – R

Kalisz, Aleksandra
            "Untitled I (White)"
            "Untitled VI (Purple)" 
            "Turkish Act"
            "Turkish Act II" (Fall 2016)

Kegya, Gorden
            "Mpayin-Nsem (Prematureness)"
            "Good Friday"
            "Empty Barrel" (Summer 2017)

Łabowska, Elżbieta
            "V" (Summer 2017)

Lacroix, Malo
            "Porte Nef: Wingless Aircraft" (Fall 2018)

Lim, Konan
            "1" (Fall 2017)

Loewen, M@
            "Starbook" (Fall 2016)

Lyons, Gray
            "Night Swim"
            "Wavelength" (Summer 2017)

Mackie, Laurie
            "Cracked Up"
            "Johnny Mnemonic Two" (Fall 2016)

McCafrey, Todd
            "Hipster Pinocchio" 
            "Bee Police"
            "Sneeze" (Summer 2016)

McCoy, Keir
            "Untitled #10" 
            "Untitled #11" (Summer 2016)

McCrae, Trisha
            "Portrait 1"
            "Portrait 3" (Spring 2017)

Mead, Tom
            "The Wildwoods of Harris Hensler"
            "Indie Game Concept"
            "Spiral King" (Summer 2018)

Molla, Brooke
            "House Collection" (Winter 2017)

Mora, Juan de Dios
            "Montando a la Escoba Voladora (Riding the Flying Broom)"
            "Familia Luchona (The Striving Family)" (Winter 2018)

Morzaria, Rupali
            "Cross Leg"
            "Foot Stretch"
            "Touch" (Winter 2019)

Muñiz, Patrick McGrath
            "Alba's Dream"
            "The Flood" (Winter 2018)

Murphy, Joseph
            "The Merchant"
            "The Hall of Languages" (Winter 2017)

Nagle, Zach
            "Bazaar #7" 
            "Bazaar #12"
            "Bazaar #40" (Spring 2017)

New, Laura
            "Dysfunctional Family" 
            "Ms. Stag" (Fall 2017)

O'Boyle, Joseph
            "Red Telephone" 
            "Kebab Place" 
            "Her Pic Went Viral" (Summer 2017)

O'Brien, Toti
            "Frida and Nicholas" (Summer 2016)

Oke, Agoreyo (Armstrong)
            "In the Beginning" 
            "Intrepid Generation"
            "The Journey Continues" (Fall 2017)

Ong, Lijie
            "Pillar I" 
            "Relic" (Winter 2018)

Perrin, Kevin A.
            "GENERATIONX" (Spring 2018)

Perry, Nick
            "Brought to You By"
            "Long Playing Historical Record" (Spring 2018)

Pirotte, Nathalie
            "Inside Out" 
            "The Angel"
            "Grande Cabotine" 
            "Angel" (Fall 2016)

Plummer, Keith
            "Dark Knight" 
            "Twins, Night and Day" (Spring 2017)

Porter, Sheyda
            "Idea Generating Machine No. 8" 
            "Idea Generating Machine No. 9" (Spring 2017)

Purdy, Karen
            "The Musician" 
            "Three Destinies" (Winter 2018)

Rechka, Chernaya
            "A Girl With a Sheep" 
            "चट्टान" (Winter 2018)

Rey, Astian
            "Oceanide" (Summer 2018)

Robinson, Patrice
            "What's Bad is Good"
            "Reparations" (Spring 2017)

Roche, Juliette
            "Bleu piscine"
            "Untitled" (Summer 2018)

Romaniko, Pavel
            "TV I" (Summer 2017)

Rosen, Anya
            "Evidence of a Raccoon Part II"
            "Evidence of a Raccoon Part III" 
            "Evidence of a Raccoon Part IV" (Spring 2017)

Russell, Jayme
            "Unrequited White"
            "The Queen" (Fall 2016)

La Russa, Franco
            "Waiting for a Kiss"
            "Man Standing" 
            "Resting Under a Tree" (Winter 2018)

S – Z

Savage, W. Jack
            "Morning Break"
            "Mesa Cattle Call for the Painted Desert" (Summer 2016)

Sheinman, Sally
            "Number 380" (Winter 2017)

Sherrill, Steven
            "Breathe Deeply III" 
            "Breathe Deeply V" 
            "Breathe Deeply VI" (Spring 2017)

Slava, Alexandra
            "At the Edge" 
            "The Fall of a Sparrow" 
            "My Shelter" (Winter 2018)

Smith, Jedediah Strong
            "Bamboozled" (Spring 2017)

Smith, Mark Liam
            "Nymphs and Satyr, Iteration 2"
            "Nymphs and Satyr, Iteration 4"
            "Nymphs and Satyr, Iteration 7"
            "Nymphs and Satyr, Iteration 8" (Summer 2018)

Sobhy, Shaima
            "Buffalo 2" 
            "Daily Life"
            "The Kiss" (Summer 2017)

Soboleva, Julia
3 Illustrations (Fall 2018)

Stefanovic, Bogdan
            "St. Yeezus" (Winter 2017)

Stubbs, Ceaphas
            "Come Inside, Shut the Door" (Winter 2017)

Surga, Anne Cecile
            "Cage of Thoughts" 
            "La Source-Palmyre"
            "Defeat Your Inner Demon" (Fall 2016)

Sutcliffe, Charlie
            "Electric Forest 2"
            "Electric Forest 3"
            "Hybrid Ollum"
            "Hybrid Fons"
            "Group" (Spring 2018)

Undine, Friese
            "Boy With Attila the Hun" 
            "Reenacting the Storming of the Winter Palace, Petrograd, Russia" 
            "Samurai in Yosemite National Park" (Summer 2016)

Weinreb, Brea
            "Galaxies Work as Narcotics" 
            "Fucking Gender Norms" 
            "Aqueous Like Binaries" (Summer 2017)

Whitaker, Corinne
            "Through a Dark Wood" 
            "Skin Deep" (Fall 2016)

Wooten, Aaron
            "Back Alley" 
            "Smirk" (Summer 2016)

Yeates, Jacob
            "Clinic (Iraq)"
            "Untitled III (Gaddafi)" (Spring 2018)

Yie, Ja Min
            "Ink II" (Summer 2018)