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zhanna gladko

inciting force

("A series of self-portraits represents an important part of the project Inciting Force. In this work, Zhanna Gladko takes different roles and analyzes the process of self-identification. One of the aspects of the series shows the cultural symptoms of our society. This is an attempt to analyse stereotypes, cliche and their representation in mass media, in visual and textual art, television, cinema, literature, etc.")

Zhanna Gladko attended the Republican College of Art in Minsk, Belarus from 1997-2002 and the Academy of Arts in Minsk, Belarus from 2002-2009. She began to lead an active creative career in 2010. Her focus is on the consideration of the mechanisms of culture and art history, the role of modern museums and archives, religion, identity crisis, and gender issues. She has also focused on the topics of identification and a blurred, defragmented identity.

Her main project "Inciting Force"/2011-2019 has been cited by KALEKTAR experts as among the forty most influential works in the last fifty years of Belarusian art. See more of her work here.